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Teaching Departments

Organization Departments

Office of Party Committee
Party committees United Front Work Department
Reform and Development Research Department
Party Organization Department
Commission for Discipline Inspection
Publicity Committee
Youth League
School Guidance Committee
Armed Forces Departments
School Workers' Federation
Women's Committee
Committee on Ageing
The History school history Research
The principal's office
Office of Human Resources
Graduate School
Office of Academic Affairs
Science and Technology Development Institute
Security Department
Finance Office
Asset Management Department
International cooperation and exchanges Department
Planning and Development Department
Discipline development and construction Department
Development Institute of Arts
Laboratory and Equipment
Logistical Department
Infrastructure Department
211/985 office
Fund Office
Alumni Association
Talented person Center
National Technology Transfer Center
Arts and Humanities Research Institute
Democratic parties and Research Institute

Organizations Directly under SJTU

Teaching Building


Service Facility

Post Office
Stadium and Gymnasium
Gas Station
Souvenir Shop
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Campus Transportation

Bus Stop
Transportation around Campus
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